Buy/Sell | Sale/Purchase of RoDTEP/RoSCTL Scrips/License – Best Rates

Import Export ConsultancyRoSCTL & RoDTEP , Buying and selling services

Buy/Sell | Sale/Purchase of RoDTEP/RoSCTL Scrips/License – Best Rates


loans and finance is a professional consulting firm providing consulting, documentation and representation with authorities for exporters and importers, global or international companies with business interests in India.

Buy/Sell | Sale/Purchase of RoDTEP/RoSCTL Scrips/License – Best Rates


  • RoDTEP Scheme (Remission of Duties or Taxes on Export Products)
  • RoSCTL Scheme (The Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies)
  • SEIS Scheme (Service Export from India Scheme)
  • MEIS Scheme (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme)
  • DFIA Scheme (Duty Free import Authorization)
Buy/Sell | Sale/Purchase of RoDTEP/RoSCTL Scrips/License – Best Rates

Through our process of checking the scrips before buying and selling, we ensure that the chances of wrong scrips or their misuse is ruled out.Since the majority of our clients are large corporations, MNCs, or public sector organizations, there is virtually no possibility of misuse under any circumstances.

Please let us know in case you want to sell or buy the scrips and give us the details as follows, and we will get back to you asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is GST applicable on sale of RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip?

A.  NO, GST is not applicable on sale/purchase of RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip.

Q.  What are the documents involved in the Buying/Selling process of RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrips?

A.  The Documents required in buying/selling process are:

  • License Copy
  • Tax Invoice
  • Transfer Letter
  • E-BRC’s
  • Custom Ledger Copy

Q.  How to transfer RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip online?

A.  The Transfer of RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip is done online on the Icegate Website. It can be done with the help of OTP which goes on the registered email ID/Mobile Number of the License holder.

Q.  How is the buying/selling rate of RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip decided?

A.  The buy/sale rate of scrips is decided as per the supply/demand of those scrips in the market.

Q.  I want to sell my RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip, What is the complete procedure?

A.  Please find below the complete procedure:

  • Clients will share the copy of Scrips along with expected sale rate.
  • LOANS AND FINANCE will verify the genuineness of the scrips and quote the best selling rate on mail.
  • Post confirmation of rate, Client will transfer the scrip online to LOANS AND FINANCE.
  • Payment as per the agreed rate will be made the same day to Client’s A/c.
  • Client will courier the hard copies of Tax Invoice and Transfer Letter to LOANS AND FINANCE.
  • Process Complete.

Q.  I want to purchase/buy RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip, What is the complete procedure?


  • Clients will share the required amount of licenses/scrips along with estimated purchase rate.
  • LOANS AND FINANCE will source verified genuine licenses/scrips from our Client base and quote the best rate on mail.
  • Post confirmation of rate, Client will transfer the payment online to LOANS AND FINANCE Bank A/c.
  • Transfer of agreed Licenses/scrips will be done on the same day online to Client IEC.
  • LOANS AND FINANCE will courier the hard copies of Tax Invoice and Transfer Letter to Client Address.
  • Process Complete.

Q.  What is RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrip Transfer Letter format?

A.   The Transfer Letter format will be provided by LOANS AND FINANCE after confirmation of rates for selling.

Q.  What are our Important Terms & Conditions?

A.   Kindly Please note that, here LOANS AND FINANCE acts as an intermediary Agent between the seller and buyer parties. LOANS AND FINANCE is not involved in any monetary risk. At the same time, the brand of LOANS AND FINANCE ensures that the buyer and seller parties are also risk free.

A Typical Buying-Selling transaction at LOANS AND FINANCE happens as per below:

  • The seller, LOANS AND FINANCE & Buyer agree to their respective rates of selling & buying.
  • Sellers transfer the License online.
  • At the same time, Buyer transfers the payment online to LOANS AND FINANCE A/c.
  • Post which, LOANS AND FINANCE Does the payment to Seller & transfers the license/scrip to buyer online.
  • This SOP ensures that all the parties involved i.e. seller, LOANS AND FINANCE, Buyer do not have any monetary risk and the transaction happens in a transparent

Q.  Why should we do business with LOANS AND FINANCE for buying/selling RoDTEP/RoSCTL License/Scrips?

A.   LOANS AND FINANCE Brand ensures:

  • 100% Transparency and has been trading in genuine/verified Licenses/scrips since a decade.
  • Major Client base of Export House customers.
  • Best Rate for Buying and selling.
  • 100% Reliability.
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