We are not yet another online offer comparison site. While we do give you the most exhaustive range of options, we do the last mile and get you the loan also. We strongly believe that financial services is not like an ecommerce business where products are standardized and hence the cheaper the better.

Every borrower has a unique financial position and requirement. Hence, we always have a dedicated sales manager to advise you on the best bank to choose, do the initial documentation, answer bank queries on your behalf, negotiate on your behalf, complete the loan documentation and ensure disbursal to your account.

We are able to do this because we have strong in house team of 200 people spread across 12 cities. The senior management consists of people who have held leadership roles with banks/NBFC’s like Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bajaj Finserve, GE Money etc. It is entirely due to the efforts of our loyal employees (attrition of less than 5% over the last 4 years) that we are currently disbursing more than 1,000 cr annually within a short company lifespan of 4 years

We have embarked on an exciting journey to make the process even simpler and streamlined for the customer. We are in the process of developing proprietary algorithms which can help us in giving the customer a more incisive suggestion on the best product/bank to choose from.

Get hassle free loan within 90 Seconds

Enter your mobile number and our experts will assist you on all your loan related requirements

Our Products:

(a)  Term Loan
(b)  Loans Against Properties
(c)  Project Loan
(d)  Working Capital Facility
(e)  Over Draft Facility
(f)  Home Loan
(g)  Loan Against Third Party Collateral
(h)  Third Party Collateral Available
(i)   Funding to NPA Accounts
(j)   Private Funding
(k)  Car Loan ( New / Used )
(l)   Commercial Vehicle Loans
(m) Business Loan
(n)  Machinery Loan

All the product are available for Pan India.


Why Loans and Finance

Loans and Finance is one of the leading Loan Provider in India trusted by Top Banking Institutes and Financial Association. This Initiative is powered by Manjeet Singh.

You will get all available and updated benefits and schemes as we’re carrying the top financial associates team with us.


  • Loan disbursal in 7 days
  • Longer tenure and lower EMI: Flexible tenure of up to 30 years
  • Fast and hassle-free loan processing
  • Part–prepayment facility for zero fees
  • No Foreclosure Charges
  • Loan sanction possible before selecting the property
  • Customised repayment options to suit your needs
  • Attractive floating and fixed interest rates options
  • Guidance and counselling throughout the process

Private Finance In India

Private Finance In India
Ticket Size : 10 CR to 100 CR Locality : Pan India Rate : 12% to 18% p.a

Our Story

Mr. Manjeet Singh, India has launched Loans and Finance an initiative for all the people looking for loan details and best available option with trusted and instant service.

When one is looking for loan its too difficult to understand and get suitable one, Loans and Finance is designed in such a way that user can simply get details and apply for the same.

We are one of the leading consulting firms in India offering various services in the field of Finance & taxation. During our journey, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs in setting up businesses in India & have also served them in complying with various statutory compliances under different acts. We have established a strong values & belief system thereby ensuring that we give maximum value to our clients.

We have experienced professionals & have served various industries from across the globe in starting a business in India. We provide customized solutions as per the requirements & suitability of our clients in a time-bound manner

OUR  Professional Services

Company Registration

Private Company Incorporation
Limited Liability Partnership
Producer Company
One Person Company
Section 8 (NGO) Company

Other Registrations

GST Registration
MSME Registration
IEC Registration
ISO Registration
Shop Establishment Registration
RERA Registration
PSARA Registration

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