Loan Against Third Party Collateral In India

Third Party Collateral

Loan Against Third Party Collateral In India

Loan Against Third Party Collateral In India

Loan against third party collateral in india is the best option to raise funds. These funds can be raised for

1. New Project.
2. Running Projects.
3. To Purchase Projects.
4. Funds for settlement the NPA Accounts.

How Loan Against Third Party Collateral In India, Work

If you have third party collateral for any amount. For Example 10 Crores. We will introduce a profile , who will raise fund of this collateral. Like they raise 8 Crores then they will share 50% of the raised amount with you. Both the party will pay there part of EMI or Interest till the repayment of loan.

Process to get Loan Against Third Party

To start the work you have send us a intend email that you have a collateral and you are looking of funds on it. You are agree in the process. After the email we will share you , our bank details for token money that is Rs.21000 and you have to accept our services charges of 3% on your part of loan amount.

Documents you have to send:

  1. Complete chain of property.
  2. KYC of Owner ( Photo , Pan Card , Adhara Card )
  3. Cibil of owner
  4. Tax Slip of Property
  5. Electricity Bill or Water Bill of the property
  6. Photo of the property with the presence of owner
  7. Video of property with presence of owner
  8. Google Location of the property

Once we received all the documents of the property with in 7 days , we will give you details of Bank panel Advocate and Bank Panel Valuer. You have to send us legal , search and valuation of the said property. The charges will be born by you only. if you thing that our advocate and valuer is costly , you can arrange your advocate and valuer but they should Bank Panel of our desired bank.

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Why Loans and Finance

Loans and Finance is one of the leading Loan Provider in India trusted by Top Banking Institutes and Financial Association. This Initiative is powered by Manjeet Singh.

You will get all available and updated benefits and schemes as we’re carrying the top financial associates team with us.


  • Loan disbursal in 7 days.
  • Longer tenure and lower EMI: Flexible tenure of up to 30 years.
  • Fast and hassle-free loan processing.
  • Part–prepayment facility for zero fees.
  • No Foreclosure Charges.
  • Loan sanction possible before selecting the property.
  • Customised repayment options to suit your needs.
  • Attractive floating and fixed interest rates options.
  • Guidance and counselling throughout the process.

Our Products:

(a)  Term Loan
(b)  Loans Against Properties
(c)  Project Loan
(d)  Working Capital Facility
(e)  Over Draft Facility
(f)  Home Loan
(g)  Loan Against Third Party Collateral
(h)  Third Party Collateral Available
(i)   Funding to NPA Accounts
(j)   Private Funding
(k)  Car Loan ( New / Used )
(l)   Commercial Vehicle Loans
(m) Business Loan
(n)  Machinery Loan

All the product are available for Pan India.

Private Finance In India

Private Finance In India

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