Funding for builder at best rates in india , in Just 20 Days . Good news for builder, Get funds against your unsold inventory

builder funding

Good news for builder, Get funds against your unsold inventory

Are you a builder looking for financial solutions to unlock the potential of your unsold inventory? We’ve got some fantastic news for you! You can now secure funds against your unsold properties, paving the way for greater flexibility and opportunities in your real estate ventures.

Funding for builder at best rates in india , in Just 20 Days . Good news for builder, Get funds against your unsold inventory

Unsold inventory can be a significant challenge in the real estate industry, tying up your capital and limiting your ability to take on new projects or investments. However, with the option to obtain funds against your unsold inventory, you can turn this challenge into a strategic advantage.

Here’s how it works:

1. **Monetize Your Assets**: By leveraging your unsold inventory, you can access much-needed capital without having to wait for properties to be sold. This liquidity can be used to fuel your business expansion, repay existing debts, or explore new investment avenues.

2. **Flexible Financing**: The funds obtained against your unsold inventory can be tailored to suit your specific financial needs. Whether you require a short-term infusion of cash or a more extended repayment plan, you can structure the financing to align with your goals.

3. **No Need to Sell at Discounts**: With traditional sales, you might be tempted to offer discounts or reduce property prices to expedite sales. This can negatively impact your profitability. By opting for funds against your inventory, you can hold out for better offers while still meeting your financial obligations.

4. **Minimize Holding Costs**: Unsold properties often come with associated costs like maintenance, taxes, and interest on loans. Accessing funds against these properties allows you to reduce these holding costs and improve your overall financial health.

5. **Seize New Opportunities**: With a cash infusion from your unsold inventory, you can take advantage of emerging opportunities in the real estate market. Whether it’s acquiring new land, investing in development projects, or diversifying your portfolio, you’ll have the financial freedom to act swiftly.

In conclusion, getting funds against your unsold inventory is a game-changer for builders. It empowers you to manage your finances more efficiently, reduce the burden of unsold properties, and seize new growth prospects in the ever-evolving real estate industry. Don’t let your unsold inventory hold you back—unlock its potential and propel your business forward today!

We have a great solution for Builders to get funding for running projects or for new one. No matter it’s a high rise, plotting or villa projects.

 Key Requirements from the side of Builder to eligible to get funds:

1.  Property or Collateral or inventory should be Bankable to get fund on it.

2.  Collateral should free from any loan from bank or any NBFC.

3.  No legal Litigation on the collateral, Title should be clean.

4.  The owner should have clean CIBIL.

How it will happen or complete process.

 If the project is approved by and bank or NBFC.

 In this case funding available in 50-50 sharing basis. The work will done in shape of buy back or sale and purchase mode.

All the expense related to bank like , processing fees or insurance or margin money will be paid by builder only.

For Example : A is the builder and B is a company with good profile. A have project of flats or villa or plots and duly approved by some bank. That mean any one come to buy the bank will give loan to buy the same.

B will give his profile to A for bank loan and buy some property of any X amount. A will approved the loan from their bank for B to buy property in this process , whatever the expense will be born by builder.

Once the loan approved , B submitted the disbursement documents with A. after that A will get the money from the bank , lets says Rs.100 A got . He will give back Rs.50 to B in this manner money share in 50-50 sharing basis. Once the loan tenure over B will sell the property to A. What ever the stamp duty involve in the process will be share equally and EMI also paid by both the party equally.

Our service Charges is 3%.

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