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Finance for npa Accounts

if you are looking for finance for npa accounts , we are here to help you. loan to npa accounts is a big challenge in india. Some nbfc financing npa accounts in india , we are direct to that company’s.

We are experts in loan for npa accounts , Come with problem and get solutions. We have some NIDHI Company’s , who are ready to give loan for npa .

Nidhi Company, – Loan For NPA Cases

Terms and conditions

  1. Minimum 10%to 15% MARGIN as fixed deposit on customers name
  2. Fixed deposit time minimum 1yr and 1 day
  3. Ltv 50% of the property value
  4. Rate of Interest 12 to 18% negotiable
  5. Margin money can be negotiable
  6. Maximum tenure is 15yrs
  7. 1yr locking period
  8. Processing fess minimum 1% to 3%
  9. Insurance depend on loan amount
  10. Savings account opening charges 50k to 1lakh
  11. Pan India service
  12. Legal and valuation by our authorized panel
  13. Simple mortgages
  14. all expenses deduct from loan.
  15. Third Party Collateral , Also Accepted for funding.

Process :

To start the process :

  1. you have to send a intent mail to us on below email address.
  2. We will reply you on the same email with our terms and condition.
  3. if you are agree on the terms and condition and process , you have send the acceptances on the same mail with required documents.
  4. Work only start , on receiving of commitment fees of Rs,21000 only.

Terms and conditions:

  1. All the travelling expenses with food , hotel stay and local transport will be bear by you.
  2. I will , arrange direct face to face meeting with nidhi company , in kolkota.

We are also proving more services like :

  1. Arranging of third party collateral.
  2. Private funding.
  3. Project Funding.
  4. Loan for take over of a project or Purchase of existing project.
  5. Business Registration in UAE.

For you , we are Providing our services pan india basis. We are just a call Away.

Manjeet Singh
[email protected]

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Why Loans and Finance

Loans and Finance is one of the leading Loan Provider in India trusted by Top Banking Institutes and Financial Association. This Initiative is powered by Manjeet Singh.

You will get all available and updated benefits and schemes as we’re carrying the top financial associates team with us.


  • Loan disbursal in 7 days.
  • Longer tenure and lower EMI: Flexible tenure of up to 30 years.
  • Fast and hassle-free loan processing.
  • Part–prepayment facility for zero fees.
  • No Foreclosure Charges.
  • Loan sanction possible before selecting the property.
  • Customised repayment options to suit your needs.
  • Attractive floating and fixed interest rates options.
  • Guidance and counselling throughout the process.

Our Products:

(a)  Term Loan
(b)  Loans Against Properties
(c)  Project Loan
(d)  Working Capital Facility
(e)  Over Draft Facility
(f)  Home Loan
(g)  Loan Against Third Party Collateral
(h)  Third Party Collateral Available
(i)   Funding to NPA Accounts
(j)   Private Funding
(k)  Car Loan ( New / Used )
(l)   Commercial Vehicle Loans
(m) Business Loan
(n)  Machinery Loan

All the product are available for Pan India.

Private Finance In India

Private Finance In India

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Private Company Incorporation.
Limited Liability Partnership.
Producer Company.
One Person Company.
Section 8 (NGO) Company.

Other Registrations

GST Registration.
MSME Registration.
IEC Registration.
ISO Registration.
Shop Establishment Registration.
RERA Registration.
PSARA Registration.

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