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Google { google is life }

Google is the market leader in search engine. In these days we are totally depended on Google for our any need and search. Google provide multiple services for people worldwide like:

  • Google search
  • Google images
  • google account for free emails
  • google one
  • google support
  • my google drive
  • my google photos
  • google help
  • google customer service
  • google drive storage
  • google drive photos
  • google photos storage
  • google drive pricing
  • open google drive
  • google 1
  • google one drive
  • google drive my drive
  • google drive web
  • google drive online
  • google help center
  • google drive storage pricing
  • google my business
  • search console login
  • google search console
  • search console

These services help in our daily personal as well as in professional life. It’s make like and business easy. it helps in saving lots of many and time.

 We given think a day without Google , because some services like a our daily routine in our life like:

  • Google Map: We can reach without any problem at any place of world. Tons of information on the google map, which help us to find place, avoid the conjunctions. Which save time and also the fuel? Which is very import because it’s very costly and if we shorten the run time of the vehicle, it also help the environment by reducing the pollution.
Google Map
Google Map
  •  google search console: google also help the , website developer and digital marketing  market a lot with it’s a tool called search console . some peoples also call it google search console . How it help, it helps to index the website pages and data to google search engine. So google can crawl the data on google search engine. If your website is not index , no body will get it found on search engine ever. It’s very easy to search console login, you can login with your gmail account.
google search console
google search console
  • google my business :  if you are looking to list your business without any website , no problem at all . google have solution for your this problem also named { google my business }. It’s a open source and free listing option. You only need a gmail account , sine up then go to google my business page  and login with your gamil account , it’s done know.

    Add your business details , contact information with descriptions of your business. You may add your business location and photo . which help your clients to find you. After submit you have wait for a pin number . which will be send by google on your mailing address . once you receive the pin , login in your { google my business } and do the verification by pin , now your business is live.
google my business
google my business
  • add me to google : if you are looking to make your self on google . if you want any body search on google by your name , they find your pics on google image . its very simple process , we will guide you step by step , how you can add your self on google search engine in just 15 to 20 days.

Step 1:  Make gmail account, its very important to make gmail account with you name. if you did not find , you may add number also but sure your complete name should be their.

Step 2: Use same gmail account and sine up in { google my business } , make your google business listing with your name only. Add your photo also.

add me to google
add me to google

Step 3: Know Sine to linkedin sign up , facebook sign up , and other social media platform , sine up as many you can . but remember one thing use the same gmail account in them and some same pics and try to use your same name in all platform in all the platforms.

Write some post for next 15 days and share with your friends. Its done

After 90 days, ask your friends to search you by your name on google search . they will find your pics and profile on google search results.

Nest Aware
Nest Aware
  • Nest Aware : Nest Aware could be a paid subscription service you’ll use along with your Nest products to assist keep you informed about important events at your home. Standard features and upgraded Nest Aware features are different Counting on which Camera, speaker or Display you have got and which Region your house is in.

    Subscribe to Nest Aware through the Nest app On your Android device/phone, purchase Nest Aware through the Nest app form google store platform. to complete your Nest Aware purchase, install the Google Home application .

    From the google home application section, follow the steps in “Subscribe to Nest Aware.” Important info to grasp before you purchase Nest Aware: check in to the Google Home app with the identical Google Account you use within the Nest app. to search out your account within the Nest app, tap Settings Nest settings icon so Account. within the Google Home app, select the house that you just just want to subscribe Nest Aware within the Google Home app.

     If you’ve over one home on the app, to choose out a home name, use the Down arrow in Google Home. to create sure all camera and doorbell devices are correct for the house name, find the “Device” section of the Google Home app.  Now buy Nest Aware through the Google Home app additionally to subscribing through Google Store platform, you’ll buy Nest Aware through the Google Home app on your Android device during or after a $0 30-day trial.

    Important Note: Nest Aware subscriptions through the Google Home application are only available on Android devices. If you don’t have an Android device, you’ll subscribe through Google Store. Open the Google Home application on your Android device. Tap your photo on the upper right corner of your Google Home app to create sure that you’re signed in with the account you’d wish to use to shop for Nest Aware.

    From the house view, tap Nest settings iconSettings. Under “Features,” tap Nest Aware. Tap Subscribe. If you haven’t previously used your Nest Aware $0 trial, you may see an option to start a 30 day $0 trial. After starting your $0 trial, you need to see the selection to require Nest Aware. Choose your Nest Aware plan. choose from monthly or yearly billing. Review your purchase.

    Then, tap Subscribe.  You’ll Receive an email with a receipt from Google Play platform. you may manage your Nest Aware subscription through Google Play platform.

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